Memory House – Foreground (Fan Vid)

Memoryhouse – Foreground (Fan video) from Gunnar Andersson on Vimeo.

You’ve got to hand it to these people who create music videos for their favorite songs for no other reason than others enjoyment –and maybe to get a job I suppose. This guy Gunnar has put together some excellent clips for a couple of songs I am really into.

Coolrunnings – “I Am You” (fan video) from Gunnar Andersson on Vimeo.

      Memory House - Foreground
(Grizzly Bear Cover)
      Coolrunnings - I am You

Grizzly Bear.

The new Grizzly Bear album, Veckatimest, leaked on Monday. The quality isn’t the best and the band hopes you will wait and base your opinion on the sonically superior version. Me? I couldn’t wait. I’ve already placed my preorder for the vinyl, and I also ordered a poster that is awesome (pictured below, get yours here).

Knife is the song that really got these guys noticed back in 2006; give it a listen and you will get an idea for what this band is about.

  •       Grizzly Bear - Knife

So this new Grizzly Bear, well, it’s one of the big ones of 2k9.

Since opening for Radiohead last year there have been a lot of eyes on this band and a lot of ears starving for a listen. Everything Grizzly Bear has done has been better than what they did before that (see Horn of Plenty to Yellow House to Friend EP to the couple of songs they debuted on late night talk shows in the latter half of last year). So, this album is important. It will either launch Grizzly Bear into the stratosphere or they will be one of the many, many bands who started with a ton of potential but fizzled when the pressure mounted.

  •       Grizzly Bear - While You Wait for the Others
    (Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic)
  •       Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
    (Live on Letterman)
  •       Grizzly Bear - Mother and Child Reunion
    (Paul Simon Cover)

Lucky for us and them Veckatimest is great –really great! The album starts with Southern Point, one of the more uptempo songs on the album and so far one of my favorites. Two Weeks and While You Wait both sound better than they did live. Foreground is an excellent piano based finale –I wish there was another song similar to that one on the album. Ready, Able might be the best song these guys have ever written. It is really good. Though Fine For Now is currently edging it out for me personally. Robin Pecknold, singer of Fleet Foxes just called (via Twitter) Veckatimest ‘the best album of the 00s.’ Lofty statement but after about 10 spins through this thing it is getting more and more difficult to find anything wrong with it.

  •       Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader
    (new song, live)

Go back and listen to some of the old Grizzly Bear; (Yellow House is an excellent starting point) get studied up and prepare for the release of Veckatimest. If you get a chance, catch the band on their just announced tour. It will probably be the last chance to see these guys before they really blow up.

Here is a live show the band did back in 2007. This is a seven song in-store which took place in Dallas. The quality is really quite nice and I found it pretty cool to hear the banter between the guys (which you can hear in the intro). Knife and On a Neck, On a Spit are both stand outs from this performance.