Pop That Rocks – Warm Thoughts

Warm Thoughts

One of my favorite blogs for at least a year now has been Pop That Rocks. The guy who runs it, Rob, has fantastic taste. We are often posting the same things and he beats me to a great remix now and again as well. I tried to convince him to come write for LivingEars when he left WordPress for Tumblr but he’s got his own thing going. After that I asked him to make a mix for the site sometime and I’d post it. Lucky for us, he has taken me up on that offer…

Honestly I thought I’d be premiering this bad boy but alas, ‘twas not meant to be.

Coming in at just about 75 mins, this mix maintains a fairly 80s influenced theme throughout. He starts with a track that has a very “Mother” vibe, moves to the Chromatics, hits one of my favorite Ariel Pink tracks and continues to build from there. It also includes James Blake’s “Wilhems Scream” which is the most mind-blowing song I’ve heard in months.

Enjoy the mix, go check out the site and follow @popthatrocks on twitter.

      Pop That Rocks - Warm Thoughts

Tracklist is in the comments.

Hard Mix – A Winter Mixtape [for LivingEars]

One of my absolute favorite artists/producers to come on the scene in 2010, Hard Mix was kind enough to make this mix for LivingEars. My love affair with Hard Mix started when he dropped “Memories,” but when “Had” came out a few months later it showed a different side to the music, a more emotional side that I really fell in love with. “A Winter Mix” finds Hard Mix exploring the sounds he so effectively creates by showing off some of his favorite artists and tracks. It’s really quite lovely. It’s a soundtrack for letting go and falling deep into the dark sounds of a never-ending Winter.

      Hard Mix - A Winter Mixtape

Tracklist is in the comments.


      Hard Mix - Memories
      Hard Mix - Had
      Hard Mix - Callers

Gospels – blood stains on my white tee//october mixtape

Gospels sent over a couple of tracks a few weeks back which I instantly fell in love with. I asked if he wanted to put a mix together and here we have it.

gospels//blood stains on my white tee//october mixtape by Gospels

And if you want some other spooky tracks to soundtrack your upcoming weekend, go grab 5 mixes from last year including mixes from Fever Ray, Salem and GorillavsBear.


One of the more aggressive artists in the drag micro-genre, †‡†, has created a brand new mix for LivingEars (and current it is! Kanye’s Runaway anyone?). You may recall my initial impression of †‡† which mostly centered around the name and the headaches something like that creates.

I had a nice discussion with †‡† about this and I think it was enlightening for both of us. He never realized how difficult it is for people to discuss the project or that the difficulty typing it means no royalties (when someone like me plays it on the radio for example). So, he’s not changing the name just yet but informed me that you can pronounce †‡† as Ritualz.

So, welcome Ritualz. And thanks for this mix.


GOBBLE GOBBLE – Prospector’s Insomnia (Compilation for Living Ears)

Gobble Gobble is an artist that recently popped up on my radar. I saw a few twitterers talking about him and him conversing back and forth. One of my favorite blogs Get off The Coast featured his track “Wrinklecarver” on his Eskimo Taco comp. I played “Lawn Knives” on LivingEars Radio on 05.15. He then wrote me a few days later to say ‘thanks.’ This is what really got me. So many artists don’t put in the extra work. This guy was following Hype Machine to see who was playing his tracks and in what context. A ‘thanks’ goes a long way, something I’ve noticed more and more lately. Don’t ever underestimate what a simple ‘thanks’ or ‘nice job’ or ‘good work’ can do to improve somebody else’s day. Gobble Gobble is coming to SLC this summer. Stay tuned…

From the artist:

Prospector’s Insomnia is a compilation of tracks from the past few months that deserve a little extra bit of your attention. They are all already in modest circulation but haven’t yet been identified for the furry little gemstones they are. It’s hard to stare on the internet, but sometimes you need to hold your gaze and come off like a river valley flasher if you are ever going to see how glorious that nose looks. DONT SLEEP THERES GOLD YONDER


1. Azeda Booth – Bridges and Balloons (Joanna Newsom Cover) (2:36)
2. Generationfk – Solo (2:58)
3. Braids – Lemonade (6:46)
4. Mutanimals – Surf Slang (2:59)
5. Hula Hoop – Ladies (Let’s Go) (4:30)
6. Teen Daze – Four More Years (3:13)
7. Tonstartssbandht – Preston “Great-Ass” Imfat (3:31)
8. Kites Sail High – Dancing Sprinklers (5:00)
9. Blue Hawaii – Blue Gowns (3:19)
10. Outdoor Miners – Twelve Hundred Dollars (4:08)

GOBBLE GOBBLE – Prospector’s Insomnia

I had a bit of trouble getting the Tonstartssbandht track to extract, if you run into this double click it from the archive and it should work. My favorites, all of which were new to me, are: Teen Daze, Kites Sail High, Blue Hawaii and Outdoor Miners.


      GOBBLE GOBBLE - Lawn Knives

      GOBBLE GOBBLE - Seizure to the Metronome

      GOBBLE GOBBLE - Wrinklecarver