LivingEars Limelight: Keepaway



LivingEars Limelight is a new column I am writing for SLC’s weekly paper, In This Week. The idea is that I write about my single favorite song I heard this week.

This first one is a couple of weeks old now since it took a few weeks to get it printed but it will hit stands on the 18th.

“Yellow Wings” by Keepaway

“I think I finally know what I want/I want to be two places at once/I wanna stretch until I split; fall back graciously into the room.” The first great song from a relative unknown band this year comes straight outta Brooklyn via three piece Keepaway. “Yellow Wings” follows the well laid tradition of songs about wanting to improve your place in life. The difference here is that life is so good for ebullient singer Nick Nauman that he wants to be able to enjoy it from two different places. Lifting off from an African-like chant and pounding kick drum the track unfolds layer by layer into a gorgeous rhythm of well chosen percussion and sparse but deep guitar notes. The real beauty here comes from the refrain which carries the song –again and again– to exultant heights.

Mixes well with » Yeasayer, Modest Mouse, Animal Collective

      Keepaway - Yellow Wings