Advice to Record Labels, Vinyl + Japandroids

I love that labels have gotten wise enough to see that providing free, high-quality downloads on a vinyl purchase is a service that collectors see as valuable but there is one MAJOR problem with the way they do this.

Take this email I received from Insound today:

INSOUND EXCLUSIVE! Insound is the only place to purchase the upcoming vinyl LP release of Japandroid’s Post-Nothing! Insound LP+MP3! Purchase this LP and you’ll receive a link to download the MP3s for free on the 4/28 release date!

Advice to the labels: everything leaks, minimize the impact by offering these high quality downloads on the day the album leaks. When the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album leaked last month the label moved up the ‘digital release date’ by a month or so. What they should have done is immediately offered the album download to anyone who had already preordered and to anyone who ordered a physical copy from that point on. Also, I think if you own an album you should be able to get a “clean” digital version as well (you know, for the kiddies).

I actually like Insound quite a bit, they have great prints (I ordered a killer Grizzly Bear print and preordered the Veckatimest vinyl two or so months ago and I love it), they carry most of the bands I care and write about and their prices are a helluva lot better than those brick and morter jokes like Best Buy and FYE.

//end rant

Japandroids are a band that I recently discovered (and wrote about) but have since gone back and checked out a little more. The All Lies EP from ’07 is a mixed batch. It sounds like a band who knows the style they are going for but don’t quite have all the kinks worked out… some highlights:

      Japandroids - Press Corps

      Japandroids - Coma Complacency

I’ve only heard one song from Japandroids new album, Post-Nothing, and I think it is superb. I am hoping that this album has a clearer direction and some sharper edges. The vocals and song melodies in particular have come a long way from the EP… check it out:

      Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire

If you like the music, check out the preorder and maybe tell Insound you want your download the day the album leaks!