Joker & Ginz Mixes

I know everyone is creamin their shorts over Joker but of all the new woozy Dubstept that I’m coming across lately I think he’s less interesting than his contemporaries.

I featured many of these contemporaries in Pretty Much Perfect and still stand by my claim that this will be the next scene to blow up.

Joker and Ginz have collaborated on a number of different things including a “Raindrops” remix as well as a few original pieces. In digging around for some more material from these guys I came across a couple of mixes. Joker’s is from the last week of 2008 and Ginz’s is from this Summer. While Joker’s does eventually get interesting, it starts off a little slow. Ginz on the other hand brings it from the beginning and never lets up.

      Ginz - Data Transmission Podcast

      Joker - Purple Wow Sound Mix