SWAG ME OUT BITCH – TShirt Edition

I posted the video for Dat Ass a while back and since then Complex thinks they have tracked Earl to Samoa. Tyler, The Creator denied this on his Twitter account but who knows, Complex does have a compelling case, particularly with those photos. Either way, I can’t wait for EARL to get back with the group because he seems to be talent #2 right behind Tyler.

In related news… My friend from the L.A. clothing company 7Lightningbolt and I have teamed up to bring you a couple of shirts. I wanted a SWAG shirt, couldn’t find one so I asked him to make them. You can get one too if you want. Click here to buy your own SWAG shirt. You can use coupon code SWAGRULES (all caps) for 10% off. That code is good for the BASED and Queens of the Stone Age inspired shirts as well. Let me know if you like them.

Coupon SWAGRULES gets you 10% Off

      OFWGKTA - Swag Me Out

      Earl Sweatshirt - Dat Ass

      MellowHype - Chordaroy (Ftg. Earl Sweatshirt)

      Earl Sweatshirt - Couch (Ftg. Ace Creator)

      OFWGKTA - Drop by Earl Sweatshirt

      OFWGKTA - Blade by Earl Sweatshirt

      OFWGKTA - Cool by Earl Sweatshirt and Mike G