Perhaps the most un-google-able band name in history (and I thought Girls owned that honor) oOoOO have been making blog rounds for a few months with super dark, stark, glitchy music that many will hate but I love. Obvious comparisons are to Salem but beyond that I’m not sure… I like it and hope to dig up some other artists doing this.

oOoOO just released a mix for 20JazzFunkGreats. I’ll let xxjfg explain the mix in their own words:

Finally, oOoOO, the creator of some intensely good nightcrawler jams and a firm favourite of ours, recently sent 20 Jazz Funk Greats an exclusively made mix which we’re now more than a little happy to be able to share with the wider world. So go sit in the cupboard under the stairs, light some candles, and absorb the sounds of creeped out, decaying booty bounce colliding horribly (meaning wonderfully) with dusky, drug drip teengirl balladry, slinky necronomi-pop rhythms, and backwater freak outs.

All I will add to that is be on the lookout for some doowop ballads, overwhelmingly repetitive hiphop and some dark sound bites.

      oOoOO - xxmix

1 oOoOO – mumbai
2 BrowngirlBlackhare – Inanition
3 Nipslip – My Baddest
4 MNDR – Do It Sandwich Time
5 DJ D-Wizz – Clap It
6 DJ Fela – Take Me To Yo Stash
7 Johnny Woods – ?
8 Little Peggy March – Wind Up Doll
9 The Tammys – Gypsy
10 Actually Huizenga – Marquis de Sade (Blazing Lazer remix)
11 Balam Acab – See Birds
12 John Frusciante – A Fall Thru the Ground
13 Linda Perhacs – If You Were My Man (Demo)
14 Twin Powers – Alex
15 Julia Holter – Willow Weep

Here are some of the previous tracks making the rounds:

      oOoOO - seaww

      oOoOO - mumbai

      oOoOO - NoSummr4u