LivingEars Radio 08.28.10

I somehow failed to write this up last week so here it is, a week late…

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You can listen to a replay of the show at your convenience for the next two weeks right here.

UtahFM is looking for a few good men & women to host shows. If you think you are interesting and others think you are interesting and you have an interesting idea for a show… do something about it and contact me.

LivingEars Radio 08.28.10 Playlist

No Age – Life Prowler
No Age – Sorts
No Age – Shred and Transcend
Dum Dum Girls – I Will Be

      Sufjan Stevens - I Walked

      Deerhunter - Primitive 3D

The Books – A Cold Freezin’ Night
      FUR - Polybreak

      Twin Shadow - Slow

      We Are Trees - Sunrise Sunset

      Korallreven - Loved Up (GMGN Remix)

      Beat Connection - Fresh Touch

Basement Jaxx – Rendez-Vu
Sleigh Bells – Rachel
Daft Punk – Something About Us
Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy
      Gucci Mane - Danger's Not a Stranger (Diplo Remix)

      Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)

      Noah and the Whale - Blue Skies (The Twelves Remix)

      Florence + The Machine - You've Got the Love (xx Remix)

      La Roux - In For the Kill (Sream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)

Sufjan released another track from his new album “The Age of Adz” this morning. This album is sounding more and more bizarre with each piece released. Not looking too positive yet.

      Sufjan Stevens - Too Much

Sleigh Bells – Live in SLC

Sleigh Bells, one of my favorite new bands since literally the first time I heard them, came to SLC last week opening for Yeasayer. The crowd was mostly into it. “Crown on the Ground” was definitely recognized and the performance was good. It was quite a bit different than seeing them at SXSW but few performances are as intense as SXSW shows. Fortunately they did play a full set and I got it all recorded. They played all 5 songs they had released up to that point plus the one I recorded at SXSW and two new songs. Hopefully in time they can move away from the pre-recorded backing tracks and get some live electronics to add more of a band element but I still see Sleigh Bells one of the most promising bands of late.

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I also recorded my favorite song off Yeasayer’s latest:

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And since the show Sleigh Bells released a studio version of “Tell ‘Em.” The album, Treats, comes out May 11 via M.I.A.’s NEET label.

      Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em

Sleigh Bells new song live at SXSW

Live @ Malverde 3/17/2010

I haven’t been able to upload much of my content but I have some great audio and visual recordings from most of the shows I’ve seen. I was hoping to be able to update each morning but my internet connection here in Austin is too unstable.

The best show I’ve seen yet was Sleigh Bells. Unfortunately they were only allowed to play 4 songs as the club was 2 hours behind schedule due to bad sound guys. It all came together for Sleigh Bells though. Their first SXSW performance and they had jj as an opener and Salem playing after. Sleigh Bells stole the show from both (not hard to do, both those other bands sucked live.) This new track is by far the most metal track they’ve done. Guitar line almost reminds me of Green Jelly’s “Three Little Pigs” which sounds like it would be awesomely bad but I mean it in a good way.

This is a recording I took while standing in the audience. It was the first song they played and the only one I hadn’t heard before. If anyone knows the name of it please shoot me a message.

      Sleigh Bells - New Song (Live at SXSW)

Picture thanks to Stereogum, click here for many more from the show. Look for the rest of my content next week including an interview with Active Child, live tracks/vids from The xx, jj, Titus Andronicus, Delorean, Salem and more.

Sleigh Bells

I debuted a pair of tracks from Sleigh Bells on last Saturday’s Scene Not Heard but today I heard Gorilla vs Bear call the group overrated. This is unsurprising since GVB editor/founder Chris seems to not be a fan of poppy dance music (with a few exceptions of course, today he played one of my favorite songs from Major Lazer’s album, “Keep It Goin’ Louder.”

So, you be the judge. Listen to these tracks on a decent stereo otherwise the blown out sound comes across as a muddled mistake rather than the deliberate noise it is intended to be.

      Sleigh Bells - A/B Machines

      Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground

      Sleigh Bells - Beach Girls

      Sleigh Bells - Ring Ring

And here is a fifth track not found on the group’s EP.

      Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars