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A Nice Template for Bands & Bloggers

Let’s be clear about two things. 1. Yes, this is a sponsored post. 2. I also endorse the product. It’s really slick.

While setting up a blog like LivingEars is not really that difficult, setting up a blog with multiple elements, being able to turn off and on additional elements and being able to easily customize entire sections of a blog is something else entirely.

When asked me to check out there site I did and I liked what I saw. If I was starting new the template they have would be a vast improvement over what I am using today and would have probably helped me get the kind of traffic I am finally getting come quicker. My single favorite thing about the theme they have built is the section just below the navbar where you can feature Photos, Top Tracks and Latest Video. Of course you can use the section for whatever you want but as a music blogger a lot of people find it tacky to take up a post with a music video. But as a fan you want to post whatever you find interesting. This solves that by offering a cool way to link out to a video without taking up posts. Basically you can keep your site fresh with content without having to work up an entire post.

So, bands and bloggers looking at a new site… I recommend at the very least evaluating against your other options.

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