Cage (Directed by Shia Labeouf)

Uhh… what? I first came across Cage as he was part of Daryl Palumbo’s Cardboard City/Def Jux crew. Glassjaw was one of my favorite bands back in my formative (barely!) years. So I find it kind of cool, and totally surprising the The Beef directed Cage’s new video for “I Never Knew You.”

The video is kind of cool, not too exciting, but the song is really cool. I don’t post much hip hop here but indie is indie I suppose…


  1. sarah says:

    Really, dude? Indie is indie? I know you know better. This is gawdaweful in every way.

  2. LiquidHeaven says:

    “Indie is indie” I need an editor. That sounds dumb, I guess I mean good is good. I like this.