Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin in 2018 – 5 Quick Steps

With so much info and misinformation out there regarding BITCOIN buying and selling, I wanted to offer a simple, step-by-step guide to making your first BITCOIN investment!

To buy bitcoin, you need to create an account on an exchange that allows buying and selling of the cryptocurrency. Basically, make a deposit then place an order!

I believe the largest exchange currently is Coinbase. For this reason, as well as ease of use, I recommend trading bitcoin on the Coinbase exchange.

1. Sign up for a FREE account on Coinbase (pro tip: use this link and receive $10 in free BITCOIN)

2. Link your bank account to Coinbase. You will use this account to fund your BITCOIN purchase. You can link a checking, savings or credit card.

3. Place a BUY order for BITCOIN! You can enter either the USD to spend or BTC amount to buy.

4. Find your transaction to verify your order!

5. You’re now the proud owner of BITCOIN!

In a subsequent article I will show you how to create and transfer BITCOIN to your personal BITCOIN wallet as well as how to pay using BITCOIN!

For now, good luck becoming another BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE!