Scene Not Heard – 05.30.09

Aaaaaand we’re back. After taking a lil weekend escape last weekend to Park City, Saturday saw the return of the one, the only, the great Scene Not Heard. I found so much great stuff in the past two weeks I’d been waiting for this show.

This Vega song, I’ve had it for a while but it really hit me in the last week and the Wave Machines track, how did I go so long without thee? I love it. Miike Snow, Pashy Pit, Rainbow Arabia… it can be overwhelming at times. I want to spend so much time with these tracks but I gotta prep for next week’s show… so… Seacrest out!

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Scene Not Heard 05.30.09 Playlist
      Tao Lin - I Want to Start a Band

Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings
      Wave Machines - Keep the Lights On

Miike Snow – Cult Logic
      Miike Snow - Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Dirty Projectors – Stillness is the Move
Royksopp – Silver Cruiser
      Peter Bjorn & John - It Don't Move Me (Miike Snow Remix)

Vega – No Reasons
Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer
Au Revoir Simone – Shadows (The Teenagers Remix)
J.J. – My Life, My Swag
Telekinesis! – Coast of Carolina
      St. Vincent - Actor out of Work

Wavves – No Hope Kids
Fever Ray – I’m Not Done
Royksopp – This Must Be It
      Rainbow Arabia - Omar K (Max Justus Remix)

As always you can listen to the archive of the show for 2 weeks from the airdate by going here.

Scene Not Heard 05.02.09

Had another show on, the show is going well, trying to find more time to post here! I have some great Dan Deacon vids to share (hence why I played him back to back on the show) as well as a review of the show from last week.

Yes I played Miley Cyrus, the Lauper version is one of my favorite songs ever. Miley does it alright. Check it out sometime if you like the original.

Scene Not Heard 05.02.09 Playlist

LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends
Peter Bjorn & John – Just the Past
Miley Cyrus – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Beirut – No Dice
Dan Deacon – Padding Ghost
Dan Deacon – Snookered
Animal Collective – Brothersport

      Wolfmother - Back Round

      Ungdomskulen - I Dunno

Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band – Roosevelt Room
      Royksopp - Happy Up Here (Boyz Noize Remix)

      SPA - Pets Dance (Aoki Remix)

      Rye Rye - Bang ftg. M.I.A

      Fucked Up - Epiphany (No Age Remix)


      Starfucker - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
(Cyndi Lauper Cover)
      Animal Collective - Brothersport (NPR Concert Series)

      Conor Oberst - Roosevelt Room (Live

Scene Not Heard 04.25.09

Saturday night was the debut of my new show, Scene Not Heard, which I’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks. In addition to great music I think you will find the commentary unique and interesting. Be it about lyrics, the passion I and others share for this music, tour dates, etc… Scene Not Heard is different than a typical music show. I played some really great new stuff which you can see below. The new Wavves song might be my favorite of his. Basement are killing it, Neon Indian show a lot of promise and the remixes…. oh those remixes. Essential.

I can’t record these shows as they are part of but I do believe they will end up being archived for two weeks after the air date (though that is not available at this moment). This show will probably end up replacing my podcasts in the way I’ve traditionally done them up til now. I will post my playlists here and provide many of the songs as downloads but doing a weekly show and a podcast that is of the same format doesn’t make sense in terms of the time/value. But, I won’t stop blogging, blogging is what makes me an authentic alt [via hipsterrunoff]. I just want you to like me. I just want to ‘connect’ with u. u complete me.

I’d love for you to tune in every Saturday 9-10:30PM MDT. I take requests, I will promote whatever you have going on and I’ll give you a shoutout if you hit me up during that time. I spend the whole show on twitter so hit me up and let’s interact! If you are a band wanting to get something played this is a great opportunity!

I bought a Flip MinoHD so video will be coming soon, I just haven’t figured out in what capacity.

Scene Not Heard 04.25.09 Playlist

Dan Deacon – Of the Mountains

      The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

The Hold Steady – Constructive Summer
Ida Maria – Oh My God
Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able
      No Age - Eraser

      Wavves - Friends Were Gone

      Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire

      Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange

      Gun Outfit - Troubles Like Mine

Micachu & The Shapes – Golden Phone
      Neon Indian - 6669 (I Don't Know if You Know)

      Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

      Basement Jaxx - Raindrops

Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)