Vega – No Reasons + All Too Vivid (80s Videos)

Their description says it best: VEGA’s “No Reasons” set to the 1986 classic skate drama Thrashin’. For more info visit

I love when the groove sets in at 2:10. Great song, awesome production on the video.

      Vega - No Reasons

      Vega - All Too Vivid

Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks Video

Just a few hours after the last post the Bears released a slooooow (then fun and exciting) new video for Veckatimest standout “Two Weeks.” I think they got so happy their heads exploded.

No more routine malaise?

The video has since been pulled, everyone has their heads up their ass thinking sharing a video is bad for the band. Give me a break.

Watch the vid here: Youbtube HD

Two Weeks

New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

It’s no secret I’m a huge LCD Soundsystem fan so imagine my surprise and happiness when I discover this brand new video for a song off an album that came out last year. Who does that?

There are some pretty great music vids this year, I’ll post some others later but for today all the attention is on Kermit. Wait for the surprise guest at the end!

The next podcast is coming soon, I’ve taken a lot of time narrowing down the list of nearly 300 songs from 2008 that I cared about. There should definitely be something within 2 weeks, maybe sooner.